About John J. Bowman Jr.

It’s not every day you come across an accountant with as experienced and diverse a background as John J. Bowman, Jr.

Mr. John Bowman has distinguished himself as a leader in tax law, honing his accounting skills over many years in a variety of locations and alongside a variety of clients. John has enjoyed many years of success as an accounting and legal professional; his expertise has been sought out by a number of illustrious organizations such as the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle and the Presidential Business Commission.

He was first educated at Pittsburgh’s Robert Morris University, where he was an active member of the Young Lawyers Organization. He pursued a concentration in tax, and eventually obtained a Bachelor of Science in accounting. Upon graduating, he enrolled in a program at Harvard Business/Law School: the specialized Owner/Management Program. The OMP is a schedule of study that aims to increase the student’s business and law acumen and build a professional network.

It wasn’t long before he applied his knowledge of the tax, legal, accounting, and business worlds to good use. For several consecutive years, he was ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the nation’s top tax consultant, accountant, and lawyer. Currently, he is the CEO of Bowman & Associates, a firm specializing in upscale tax law planning and development for the nationwide clientele. John Bowman’s successful practice has been highly reviewed by satisfied clients throughout the region and has consistently received top scores and recommendations.

During his legal career, John J. Bowman, Jr. was appointed to the Presidential Business Commission of the United States Congress, or PBC—a prestigious honor and responsibility for any law or finance professional. His appointment in the early 2000s was announced by National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds.

On the commission, John J. Bowman joined several other talented leaders, business professionals, and political strategists to advise Republican leadership on how they could best protect and maintain then-president George W. Bush’s Republican Majority in the House of Representatives. As history has told, the Republican party increased its majority in the 2004 Congressional elections, and John Bowman’s support and input played a factor.

Mr. Bowman has served as an Honorary Chariman of the Business Advisory Council and has provided much needed support.” – Tom Reynolds

John J. Bowman, Jr. operates offices out of both Bethel Park, PA, and Washington, D.C. If you are interested in contacting John Bowman in either state, you can reach out via the contact information included below:

Bethel Park, PA

5347 Enterprise Boulevard.
(412) 295-8013

Washington, D.C.
1629 K. Street Northwest
Suite 300
(202) 600 7827